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Jim Butcher, Turn Coat
Roc (2009) ISBN: 978-0-451-46256-5
Score: 3

Book 11 of the Dresden Files, dealing with wizard politics and finally making some progress on finding and dealing with the traitor[s]. It does clear up a few things that were bugging me in the previous books, but unfortunately the conflict involves using magic to mess with people's minds (have I mentioned lately how much I hate that?).

Next Book: Dave Sim, Cerebus
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Jim Butcher, "The Warrior"
Roc (2009) ISBN: 978-0-451-46249-7
Score: 1.5

A Harry Dresden novella dealing with the Carpenter family and set about a year after Small Favor. This is the lead story in the anthology Mean Streets, and I suspect the author heard that title and decided to write the sappiest, most moralistic story he could for it.

Next Book: John Meaney, Black Blood
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Jim Butcher, Princeps' Fury
Ace (2008) ISBN: 978-0-441-01638-9
Score: 2

Fifth book of the Codex Alera series, in which the situation gets really bleak and hopeless. I felt the anti-slavery message was awfully heavy-handed, though I suppose anything less wouldn't sway the characters.

Next Book: Brandon Sanderson, Alcatraz versus the Scrivener's Bones
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Jim Butcher, "Backup"
Subterranean (2008) ISBN: 978-1-59606-182-8
Score: 1

A novelette of the Dresden Files, in which Thomas introduces the reader (but not Harry) to another secret supernatural war he is involved in.

Next Book: Wolfsbane and Mistletoe
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Jim Butcher (writer) and Ardian Syar (artist), Welcome to the Jungle
Dabel (2008) ISBN: 978-0-345-50746-4
Score: 2

Graphic novel prequel story to the Dresden Files series, in which Harry investigates a grisly murder in Lincoln Park Zoo. The plot is slight, partly because Butcher is careful not to put major events in his short stories, and partly because four comic issues isn't much space to tell a story (I can't tell exactly how long this is due to a lack of page numbers). This is actually a good (though relatively expensive) place to start the series if you haven't yet; it does a very good job of capturing the feel of Harry on a typical case.

Next Book: Derek Landy, Playing With Fire
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Jim Butcher, Day Off
Pocket (2008) ISBN: 1416567836
Score: 1

A Harry Dresden short story set after Small Favor and featuring a couple werewolves that I don't believe have appeared since Fool Moon. It's in an anthology of "Humorous Horror Stories", which just means it's a bit more lighthearted than the rest of the series.
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Jim Butcher, "Heorot"
St. Martin's (2007) ISBN: 0-312-37504-2
Score: 1

A Harry Dresden short story from the anthology My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon, and set right before Small Favor.

Next Book: Keri Arthur, Embraced by Darkness
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Jim Butcher, Small Favor
Roc (2008) ISBN: 978-0-451-46189-6
Score: 4

Tenth book of the Dresden Files, once again dealing with faerie queens and fallen angels. The series plot arc is still advancing, but very, very slowly and I'm starting to wonder if the author really knows what's going to happen next; there were two strong hints of a plot twist that didn't happen. I'm hoping the final scene means we'll be seeing Susan again soon (since that's how Harry's life works).

Next Book: Lois McMaster Bujold, Passage
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Jim Butcher, Captain's Fury
Ace (2007) ISBN: 978-0-441-01527-6
Score: 2

Fourth book of the Codex Alera series, in which the double conflict from the previous book is mostly resolved. It seems the author wants the hero to be a specific age at the end of the series, and so the characters aren't allowed to develop or do anything interesting (like talk to each other) in the couple years between each book.

Next book: K.J. Parker, Devices and Desires
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Jim Butcher, "It's My Birthday, Too"
Ace (2007) ISBN: 978-0-441-01522-1
Score: 2

Harry Dresden celebrates his brother's birthday by burning down Woodfield Mall (story is set after events in White Night).

Next Book: Brandon Sanderson, The Well of Ascension


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